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        About Us

        Young and energetic team, professional and rigorous attitude, dedicated spirit
        Guangzhou Ouqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the south gate of the motherland---Guangzhou, close to the railway station---Guangzhou South Railway Station with convenient information and convenient transportation. Many high-speed highways can be directly connected and the transportation is convenient. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of temperature and humidity controllers, heat pump controllers, inverter control and heat pump IoT. The company currently has tobacco drying, wood drying, agricultural product drying, variable frequency heat pump, FCH two-phase inverter heat pump, fresh air frequency conversion heat pump, variable frequency cold storage machine, remote maintenance system and other fist products.
        Guangzhou Ouqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of the School of Automation Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology.
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